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Error: Not a Privileged User

Campbell Kay

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Hi Guys,


Running an ADC 13 latest version.


Trying to protect a website with SAML authentication.


i have gotten as far an the SAML request is getting approved, but it doesn't display the internal page, i just get Error: Not a privileged User.


i cannot seem to find where i need to allow this, if i remove the SAML auth, the page loads fine.


Where do i go about approving this request in the config? 




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yeah sure, what is the best way for me to send you that config, as im not sure what specifically you need.


i have only set an advanced auth policy


Under, this policy just has



AAA - Application Traffic



Advanced Policies

Authentication Policies


add authentication samlPolicy Azure_SAML_Policy ns_true SAML_Auth_Srv


but im guessing im missing something else

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