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Citrix 7.15 - Cannot connect to new VDA through Netscaler - Connection failed Status Unknown Client error 0

Karl Hennessy1709161836


I am looking at a customers Citrix 7.15 environment to improve the desktop image, so I have recreated a test gold image with MCS.  All works fine internally on the Storefront (inside the Netscaler) but the users who are going through the Storefront > Netscaler get the message Connection failed with Status Unknown Client error 0


As far as I can see the test environment I have done is matching the working production environment regarding Machine & Delivery groups etc, am I missing any steps on the Netscaler when adding a new VDA desktop?  I have logged on the NetScaler and can ping all the VDA's IP addresses, including the new one.  The current 10 prod servers have no issues, just cant see what I am missing?



W2K12 R2 hosted on VMware

Citrix 7.15 LTSR CU3

NetScaler Virtual Appliance 450010 -




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