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NetScaler running config not matching the GUI

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Had an issue with a customer today - a 3rd party took their SAN (and all reliant servers) down by accident, and when the NetScalers came back up, some config was missing.


After correcting the config and saving, i rebooted and the config was again gone? Corrected again and had a lookat the running config on the VPX and the config i had corrcted was not showing in the running config?


I have tested this, both in the GUI and through CLI, by adding a new AAA Group and binding an existing policy to it. The GUI shows this as fine and it works, but the running config does not match and does not show the new settings i have added. Hence, when it's rebooted, it reverts.


Anyone seen this before or have any idea why this may be happening?


VPX 200 running NS 13.0 build 47.24

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