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netscaler console page connect timeout


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Which version of NS firmware?

Which browser?

What is your global cookie parameter: v1 or v0 (gui: settings > http parameters)

Is your ADC timezone/clock properly set?

Finally double check your system parameter an cli mode settings for your user. (the GUI maxes out at 30 minutes regardless of any larger timeout configured; but if too short due to a typo you could also get some odd behavior.)  show system parameter, show cli mode


This might be a bug in which case you need to follow up with support: but firmware/browser versions are minimal information needed to assist. (Beyond a clock/cookie expiration timeout issue).


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Thank you for reply.


Setting information.

firmware version : NS13.0.41.28nc

Cookie : Version 1

TIme Zone : GMT+0900 KST Asia/Seoul

browser : All browser


There seems to be nothing wrong with the setup.
If you delete a browser cookie, it will pop up normally.


What should I do?

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Is the actual clock setting at shell set correctly (from shell, run the date command to confirm clock is correct for configured timezone)?  So the timezone is actually working as intended.

Otherwise it might be a bug and you might have to go through support. 


Are you also using an account with all rights (superuser) or a limited account with some delegated admin rights limitations?  Sorry there's not more information.

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To be honest; short of a disconnect between your local device's (running the browser) timezone/clock and the ADC's timezone/clock being somehow out of sync causing the cookie to be expired out of context...I don't know.  It might be be a gui bug that is firmware specific; browser specific issue (like due to ad blocker blocking tacking cookies or scripts of some sort).  Or a bug in a timezone definition (which might happen...).  But if it is a firmware related issue, you may have to check with support for confirmation unless someone else can comment.


So, the last thing I would recommend, double check that your browser isn't running some sort of ad blocker/tracking blocker that could be interfering with the page timeouts tracking. 

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