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save to remove old Citrix software after update?

Hans Mittenbacher




I did an upgrade from XenServer 7.2 to Hypervisor 8.1. Also, I imported the old, backed up VMs to the new Hypervisor.

One VM is a SBS2011 windows installation - I know it's not supported and is EOL, but I need some more time to migrate the stuff to Windows Server 2019 Essentials, so I need some more days wit this old VM.

Now I recognized, that this VM contains ooold Citrix software, see screenshot.

Can I savely deinstall that software from windows control panel without installing some new Citrix stuff? I ask, because I'm afraid of breaking that VM in its last days....


Thanks a lot, Alex


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I would just leave it alone as long as it's functioning. To do Xenmotion you may need to update Xentools. But given it's not now supported, I would just leave it alone since I assume this isn't going to continue running for a long time to come. Having some older software still installed should not be harmful.



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