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Configure Netscaler gateway at second site

John Rafter

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Hi all, We currently have a Netscaler setup as follows:

Site1 > Netscaler(Enterprise) sitting in DMZ that communicates to our internal NS (Standard). We use this for remote access which is licensed for 50 users. At Site2 we have except same setup except this is our DR site. We were hoping to use these licenses at Site1 to make a 100 licenses but I was informed by Citrix support that we cant combine licenses. Essentially during a DR test we would make a manual change on the Netscalers to use the DR site.

Is there a way to make the DR site a "live site" as well?

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Sorry, you're not explaining yourself very well.


You have a NetScaler Advanced(? - they don't sell Enterprise any more, or is it a really old license?) acting as an external gateway, then redirecting to an internal NetScaler Standard.

What is the internal NetScaler standard doing? is it a load-balancer to something else? does it load balance a a pair of StoreFront Server? Are you running Virtual Apps & Desktops? 

What licenses are you on about? are these 50 VAD licenses? Are they Universal licenses? if so NetScaler Standard comes with 500 licenses and Advanced/Enterprise come with 1000 licenses.


If you give a a clearer picture of your environment we may be able to give you more information.




Ken Z

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You are correct. We are running an older version of Netscaler(Enterprise) which sits in our DMZ. The internal netscaler does act a load balance as well to a pair of 2012 servers(store front servers),. We then have 2 VDA servers that publish a range of apps. Regarding licenses I know we pay for 50 concurrent (Citrix virtual app adv.)

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So jrafter573...


Site 1: NetScaler Gateway -> NetScaler Load Balancer -> 2 x StoreFront -> Delivery Controller for XenApp with 50 concurrent user licenses

Site 2: NetScaler Gateway -> NetScaler Load Balancer -> 2 x StoreFront -> Delivery Controller for XenApp with another set of 50 concurrent user licenses?


So you have a total of 100 concurrent licenses , 50 at each site? or the same 50 at each site?


Are the two sites linked be a WAN connection and are they part of the same domain (i.e. they are owned by the same organisation)?

If the answer is yes to both questions, then both sites can share the same license server to combine the two sets of licenses.

If you've only got one set of 50 licenses, then you can't use the same licenses at the two sites at the same time.




Ken Z

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