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StoreFront + FAS + child domain account username or password is incorrect

Chris Buck1709155366

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We are undertaking a proof of concept using the 1912 product and FAS in a non production environment.

Two of us in the team are performing test logons and app launches and seeing different results.
My user account exists in the parent domain, the same domain as all of the Citrix resources (SF, FAS, broker and XenApp). I am able to authenticate using SAML/FAS and launch published apps no issue.

My colleague consistently observes, when Receiver launches a session, the VDA reporting The username or password is incorrect. Their account is in a child domain. When I attempt login/launch from their machine I have no issues.

I used PowerShell Get-FASUserCertificate to verify that a certificate has been issued for both of us.


Is there a multi-domain configuration we could be missing? Windows Authorisation Access Group related?

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