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Restrict access to a XenDesktop Delivery Group to a fixed number of users per AD security group

Ken Z


Hi Everyone


have the following situation and not sure how to resolve...


A customer has a small Citrix environment of about 100 Windows 10 VDI Desktops all in one delivery group. They do not have enough servers to increase this number significantly in the short term.


They have a total of about 600 users connecting to this remotely on an adhoc basis from about 100 departments (each in their own AD security groups) when they're not in the office.

What with the COVID-19 virus, more are working from home and the 100 desktops are insufficient, so the customer wants to ration the desktops to 3 per department (AD security group)


With only 100 desktops, it's not possible to create delivery groups for each department with three desktops each.


There's nothing build-into XenDesktop that would allow me to configure this (that I've come across), so was wondering if anyone has seen any third party software that would allow this or has any fancy scripts that that achieve the same result.




Ken Z


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