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Workspace for Linux: why is it so complicated?

Mario Futire


Been using the Citrix Workspace App for Linux for a while to connect to my office PC and it works really well (ubuntu x64, Pi2)


But, but, but it is a major pain to set it up.


1) Certificates: why does Citrix not use the same Certificates as the OS? Firefox trusts it, wget trusts it, but Citrix not! Why reinvent the wheel?

2) Was originally connecting with a browser and passing the .ica file to wfica. Poor desktop integration.

3) I now use storebrowse and I get much better results. But it has a few issues, which took me ages to workaround



So this is what I do now (obfuscated):


${CITRIX}/storebrowse -L 'A Physical Desktop.Physical Desktops XYZ' https://some.domain.name.net/citrix/adesktop/discovery


But I always had very flaky logins where it would just hang at times.

Then a colleague noticed that if some.domain.name.net is made unreachable, then it works better.

That address is actually unreachable form outside my organisation, but many ISP would redirect to a "invalid address" page, which actually makes it reachable.


I now have a special rule with "ip route" to make that address totally unreachable.


So now after having figured out all the above I get a really good experience.


But the above is not for the faint of heart. Why? Why is this not designed such that it works out of the box?

And don't tell me to ask my IT HelpDesk, their answer is the usual: Linux is not supported.


Not much is missing for a fantastic user experience out of the box. Just the last 1%.

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