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NetScaler NS12.1 55.24 - Authentication problems

Alessio Zanette

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Hi everybody.

I'm facing a very strange problem in my NetScaler.


I configured it some days ago and everything works well.


Thursday I update it at NS12.1 55.24.nc version.


From now happens that every 6-8 hours no one can do authentication from outside my netowork. Rebooting the VM ADC everithing works well again.


Doing some debugs i found that:


When users can't autenticate on netscaler:


1. I can't open management interface on netscaler, it says connection refused.

2. I can't ping my network's gateway from inside netscaler. 

3. I open with no problems netscaler vpn page.

4. On aaad.debug the error is that netscaler can't contact domain controller, but it is obvious since it can reach its gateway.

5. Rebooting appliance, or simply disconnect and reconnect netowork card everything works fine.


Have you got any idea because I'm getting crazy.


Thank you,


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is it a virtual or physical NetScaler?


if virtual, try the following (when it's not being used)


1) Backup and download a full config of the VPX, then shut it down

2) Download the same VPX firmware that you're running and import it into your hypervisor. If you're running a platform license give it the same MAC address.

3) Power up, and give it the same name, IP address, subnet mask and default gateway

4) Import and restore the backed up config, then reboot.

5) Confirm that the VPX is properly licensed, and the config looks correct.

6) See if the same problem occurs.




Ken Z

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