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how to detect if a session is in the disconnected state (to release a record lock inside a custom application).

Chris Marreel



I'm looking to provide our application development team information how they can detect inside the application if the application is running in a CONNECTED or DISCONNECTED session.


This is for an in-house developed Windows Application for patient records inside a hospital.  The medical staff uses this application to keep track of medical information.  They use IMPRIVATA to connect and disconnect their Virtual Apps-session.  But if they DISCONNECT their session when they are in the edit-mode of one specific person, then a record lock exists inside the application.  And at the moment that lock stays in place until that end-user RE-connects to the session and continues with the edit-action.

But this situation (a long lock on a database-record) can be very annoying. 

So we were thinking, if the application can detect that it is running inside a DISCONNECTED session, then it could discard the edits after e.g. 5 minutes, and releasing the record-lock so it no longers causes issues when other medical staff wants to edit that record.

Sounds good, isn't it ?


But "how" can an application-developer detect the state of a session ?  And I mean inside the Windows-OS, and not by interacting with the central SQL-database.

I'm not an application programmer, but I want to get some input so I can provide this to the application development team so they can pick that up and incorporate this in their application.


Can someone shine a light on this ?

Thanks and greetings,

  Chris Marreel

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