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No bootable device after STORAGE fail.

Po Lex



My Citrix XenServer 7.2 pool consists of 2 hypervisors: XenA and XenB. I have a some shared SR in the pool from STORAGE connected via Fiber Channel. All worked fine.


Before the moment of disaster:
 - XenA was powered ON and 3 VM was booted.
 - XenB was powered OFF


At the moment of disaster STORAGE lost power, XenA lost all SRs from STORAGE and all VMs was interrupted.


After power on STORAGE was restored:

 - XenA can not boot 2 of 3 VMs with message No bootable device.
 - But XenB can boot these VMs

 - If I try to reinstall VM OS on VDI in failed SR on XenA - SETUP can not see any disk to install OS.
 - If I delete VDI in the problem SR and then recreate it - I can reinstall VM OS.


How to fix problem  SR/VDI on XenA without VDI recreating?

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I would re-create one of the VM's that says no bootable device and create it without an attached disk.

Then I would disconnect the attached disk from the old VM and attach it to the new VM and see if 

it boots. If it does then do that with the second on as well then remove the old two diskless VM's that

won't boot.




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