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Citrix 7.15 VDA on Server 2016 | Shared Desktop | Leveraging PVS Image | and 32 bit Office Applications become unresponsive and forced terminate doesn't work

Brian Murphy1709161200


I'm working with a customer that is behind the curve relative to migrating off of 2008R2/WIN 7.  In this scenario, we are rolling out a Server 2016 VDA (Version 1607 Build 14393.3384).  The VDA is 7.15 LTSR CU3.  We have the Advanced Cloud licensing to move beyond this but first things first.  Dual data center, active active.  This is a PVS standard mode image where I'm using a slightly modified version of JG Spiers optimization script.  FSLogix for the profile management.   The base image has Office 365 and the 32-bit version - 64 bit wasn't an option due to all the dependencies relative to Excel, Outlook, Access and so forth are 32-bit.  I'm also leveraging WEM for certain controls and there are a few Add-Ins that are managed with WEM.  Citrix Workspace application is installed because there are both local installed applications and XenApp hosted applications.  The image is well optimized with all the typical performance tweaks where time to login all inclusive is roughly 18-22 seconds.


This has been in UAT but the first phase cutover last night and what I'm about to describe was not encountered during the Pilot phase.  I had thought that surely there was something already documented but if there is I have somehow missed it.  


There is a specific pattern where Outlook, Lync, Excel and so forth become completely unresponsive and random.  So, although this is a shared desktop and multiple sessions per VDA it may be only one user session impacted and all other applications work fine.  One example is Outlook and Lync (Skype4B) go grey (and show as unresponsive in Taskman).  When this happens it effects any Office application open at the time.  So if Excel, Outlook and Skype are running in that session all three become unresponsive and Tier1/2 is cannot terminate from Director and the end user is not able to terminate.  I can terminate the process by RDP'ing to that server and using Taskkill /PID XXXX /F.


In another case user had Outlook, Skype and Excel open and user is working in Excel (Foreground) - Excel locks as does Outlook and Lync.  


An interesting variable here is the ability to open another office application that was not already active - Such as Word.  User can launch Word while Outlook, Excel, Skype are "Unresponsive" and completely locked and will reflect this in Taskman.  


In addition, I have looked at these processes with Sysinternals Process Explorer and ran Process Monitor.  I really didn't notice anything out of the ordinary.  You might have 10 instances of Outlook in 10 different session ID's but only one of them is Unresponsive and any other Office application open at the time of lock and only in that session is also unresponsive.


It is intermittent and not isolated to a specific server of which all are read-only images of the master and leveraging PVS standard mode.  This is the initial phase of the roll out and I don't have an exact ratio yet as to # of concurrent users versus # of users to which this has happened but I'm gathering that data.  An approximate guess is it has happened to 10-12 per 100 sessions but this would be the ones that have followed the Migration email sent out to document any issues and email those to the shared mailbox I've created for this initiative.  


Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.





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