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Multiple Netscaler gateways to the same Storefront with different Auths

Dustin Howarth

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I was wondering if you can configure 2 different netscaler gateways that connect back to the same infrastructure. For example to keep our current netscaler gateway with two factor, then create another gateway that has just ldap auth. Is that possible, Would I need to add both to the citrix storefront config?

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On 5/17/2020 at 8:01 PM, Giuseppe Dispinzeri1709161330 said:

It this also possibile with two gateways which have different fqdn address?


Gateway 1: gw1.citrix.com
Gateway 2: gw2.citrix.com

Which are pointing on the same Store ?

Yes this is a common use case.  So long as both gateways are registered with the same Store within StoreFront.  The end user then determines which gateway they hit by which FQDN they specify in a browser or CWA.  This will work so long as the Citrix Gateway config and session policies both point to the same Store or StoreWeb.

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