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Citrix WEM with User / Device License Model

Kai Pauli1709152916


Hey Gents, 


we want to implement Citrix WEM on a XA 7.6 LTSR Farm which is running good so far. 


We are planning to use WEM 1912 in combination with XA 7.6 LTSR.


The Configuration from WEM (DB etc.) was ok.


But when we start Citrix WEM the Popup comes up with no appropriate licenses.




We also configured the License Global Settings with the hostname of the license server.




Also configured is the License Server in the Infrastructure Console.





We have verified the .lic File that the Customer have the User/Device License Model. (The License SA Date is valid!)


"INCREMENT XDT_PLT_UD CITRIX 2021.0122 permanent 1222"




In our Testlab we have "INCREMENT XDT_PLT_CCS" where is Citrix WEM running (starting) without problems. (The License SA Date is also valid!)


So the generell question is, is it not possible to run WEM in a User/Device Licensed Model Environment?


I didnt found any good information that online.


Thanks in advice.



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