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Delivery Groups and Storefront URLS

Vijay Jonnalagadda

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Hello Everyone,


Product XenApp 7.15 CU5

OS windows Server 2016

2 Delivery Controllers

2 Storefront Servers (Netscaler load balancing)


3 Delivery Groups (desktop / applications) and 3 stores / URLS.

URL One Office Standard / Desktop

URL Two Office Pro / Desktop

URL Three ERP / Desktop


Requirement is Users will have access to all the 3 delivery groups however, they should not see URL one / two applications / desktops while accessing URL three vice versa. Is it possible, at present I’m not able to get this worked?


I have created a delivery group and configured specific storefront URL. My understanding is I should be only seeing the application / desktop while accessing the specific url. However, it’s not. I can see them when I open other two urls too.. L

Could you please help me with this..  Really appreciate it. please let me know if you need any addtional information.







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The Storefront configuration option, which mentioned above is to define which Storefront URL to populate in Receiver on each machine/VDA in this delivery group to use.

Use Resource Filtering to filter out application that can accessible via StoreFront.


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