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Change the Nvidia Profil after the machine creation is not propagated for new VDI's

Kevin Vlasselaer


Hi Everyone,


I'm new in the Citrix powered by NVIDIA graphic cards environnement, and following the guide on internet I have successfully configured and make it working.

After the initial setup and testing period, I need to change the NVIDIA profil from Q4 to Q8 (for CUDA purpose) on the VDI's but changing the Master Image and updating the Machine Catalogue didn't propagate this settings to the new VDI's created.


So I'm not sure of the correct procedure in this kind of configuration

1) Change the graphic card profil on the master

2) boot the master image (to discover properly the graphic card configuration)

3) shutdown the master image

4) take a snaphot and update the machine catalogue 

5) Add new machine (or reboot existing one)


My questions

1) Î'm afrais that it' s needed to have a machine catalogue per nvidia profil to have the new VDI's automatically configured with the correct profil, am-i right? (not convenient)

2) I read that the correct procedure is to configure the master image without the nvidia profil before making the snapshot and creating the machine catalogue. Once done, add manually the NVIDIA profil, but for large scale deployement it's not an option.. Is it still the actual/good practice?


Infrastrcture : Vmware (6.5) - Citrix (1912) - NVidia M10 X2 - Citrix Virtual Desktop Random Pooled



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