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Sites do not load, 2 NIC VPX, Mgmt and data on same network

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Preface: I am a first time Citrix ADC user.

I have 2 VPX 200 succesfully setup in HA. I've managed to configure a floating management VIP per instructions on this site. https://www.carlstalhood.com/system-configuration-citrix-adc-13/#dedicatedmgmt PBR is also in place. I have 2 VMXNET3 NICS on my appliance VMs one is intended for management the other data, but both are currently on the same network That will change in about a month and a half though.

I seem to be able to create a Load Balancing service and virtual server that at least responds to ICMP requests. However I cannot manage to actually get a a web page to load, even if I have a service backed by a single server. Attempting to connect to the VIP results in my browser attempting to load infinitely. I'm sure I have something misconfigured, I'm just not sure what. Troubleshooting suggestions are greately appreciated.

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