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ADC version 12.18 - how to configure redirection with full path?

julie xu

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I have been asked to redirect traffic from abc.mydomain/anypath to dfg.mydomain/anypath.


I have used Responder, and I can only make sure the Hostname is correct, but the rest path is not, it actually  go to web home, not keep the path. 


Please advise, how can I configure the Responder action to keep the full path, only change hostname?  


Any comments will be appreciated


Thanks in advance





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if this is always same you can try this dfg.mydomain/anypath


>add responder action Redirect-Action redirect "\"dfg.mydomain/anypath"" -responseStatusCode 302

>add responder policy Redirect-Policy "HTTP.REQ.HOSTNAME.CONTAINS(\".mydomain\")" Redirect-Action


but if this does change dfg.mydomain/anypath please try this








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It sounds like you are overwriting the path with "/" in the redirect instead of appending the original path/query on the new destination.  Share your responder policy that you tried for more specific troubleshooting, if this info doesn't help you.


I'm interpreting your question that you need to redirect from one host (fqdn) to a new host (fqdn) in the URL while preserving the path. As a result, you need a redirect that does an absolute redirect and not a relative path redirect.  To preserve the original path/query, you need to append these to the new host portion.  Note:  The path expression will contain the "/" between host and path portions if needed.  User will then receive new redirect and attempt to connect to new FQDN; ensure the fqdn can resolve to a client-side accessible vip.  


resonder action: type redirect

expression: (modify if http vs https)

"https://dfg.mydomain" + http.req.url.path_and_query

This will parse the new fqdn with your original path and query in the redirect. Client will then connect to the new FQDN (so be sure it resolves to a client-side accessible IP/vip).

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