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OWA Application Timeout?

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We seem to be having difficulties with OWA coming in from our external network. About 45-60mins, maybe even more, OWA will stop working on the LB. The page cannot be reached.. It is almost as if it hits some kind of threshold.


Internal access to OWA works perfectly. 


I cannot understand why external access works then crashed after some time. All WAF policies have been turned off for testing as well. 

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Same here, I can not understand :7_sweat_smile: Mainly as I don't have data enough.


I guess, you already know Julian's great blog about Exchange deployments?


I have to guess. I guess, it's either some kind of time out in authentication (so a traffic policy) or about persistence with load balancing. Double check your deployment with Julian's guide and you'll find out for sure!




Johannes Norz, Austria


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