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Updating LTSR 7.15 from CU1 to CU5

Jim Smith1709157654

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Hi ,


I have inherited 4 LTSR environments (7.15 on CU1 with an SA 2018.1215). (35 Infrascture servers, 3 in HA)


I'm just trying to research what are the pros (security etc) and cons (workload, security risks, licence costs) of upgrading to CU5; and technically what the process is (and is this documented) (ie licence server, then VDAS, then broker etc)?


Does anyone know if there any links or published articles in regard to upgrading or has anyone else been through this recently; who can provide direction or advice?  We have a DR environment I could use as an initial test but just want to realise the expected benefits and detriments of going through the upgrade?


Many Thanks




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