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Netscaler SAML iDP Issuer Name too long

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Let's start with the actual question.

Is there any way to get around the character number limitation on certain fields? i.e if the max number of characters is 63, is there some way to use a 67 character sting?


Here is the why.


I have several applications using the netscaler as their iDP for SAML authentication. I am in the processess of adding another. The problem is that the service provider is sending an issuer name that is more than the allowed 63 characters ,so I get this error

ERROR: String length exceeds maximum [samlIssuerName, 63]

It appears that this limitation is not present for others, who use something like ADFS and the Serivice Provider is unable to change the Issuer name as this is created programatically based on the customer URL. I'm not sure why this limitation would even be in place.


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