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Removing servers via CLI

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Hi all. Quick question. If I need to delete a server, can I just issue an "rm server name" from the CLI? The server has a few service bindings associated, but all are down since the server will be decommissioned. Or should I first remove the service bindings and then remove the server? 


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Usually if an entity is in use by other entities, it won't let you remove them BUT server entities are different.


If you do a rm server <servername> or rm server <ipaddress> depending on how the server is created, it will delete the server object whether it is referenced by services or not (even if they are bound to things) AND result in deleting your services depending on that server too.


Because a given server could be used on multiple services (using same IP but different ports), it is still a GOOD idea to clean up your services first and then delete servers, so you know there are no impacts. OR at a minimum check your config for other references to your server's name or ip address prior to deleting, in case there was a dependency you forgot about (have a config backup just in case...)  You should be safe if you planned it, but there is no warning...

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