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XenApp 1912 MCS VM stuck

Marco Michalski


Hey all,


I really hope somone can help me here. Until now we delployed manual XenApp session hosts. For obvious reasons we now want to use MCS. So I created two master images (one on XenServer and one on VMWare) and deployed some VMs with VDA1912 on Server 2016 (1607, shame on us).

After some uptime the hosts fall into a suspicious state. They respond but can not login or logoff users. So I cant logoff the users neither from Director nor from a RDP session. The only chance is to reboot, and rebooting all machines once an hour is not really what we are looking for ;) 

I'm sure they also doesn't accept new logins.


On a few host we saw the error 4005 of winlogon on the others not. Im really desperate about this because I can't explain this. We had the same (or similar) issue on an earlier VDA version but then chose manual provisioning because of this.





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