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Certain App will not run as published App but ok on desktop

Andy White1709154166




I’ve been asked to publish apps for our XenDesktop environment and most are done.


However I have one (called Main Saver) that is a few years old that will run fine on a XenDesktop session but not if I publish it.  I get an error saying it needs the company ID and serial number.


Those details are in the config folder where the application runs from.


So it runs fine from a published desktop but not a published app, but get this if I run a published desktop and open command prompt and browse to the exe I get the same license error message pop up I get as when I run as published app.


I have tried messing with Citrix WEM and inject some of this license info via some reg keys but no luck.


The application is old so can’t raise a ticket with them.


What would you try to fix this?



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