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How to solve problem about Machine Catalog display warning error about Image preparation failed to rearm the copy of Windows.





I suspect some problem after created Machine Catalog  to found warning message about "Image preparation failed to rearm the copy of Windows installed on the master image. Confirm that the machines created in the machine catalog are licensed correctly. Operating System Rearm failed."


I found every time after tested to use Master Image as created by App Layer.   


I remembered that I have done to click KMS button at Gold Image but why it still show error about rearm.   How can I check and solve this issue?








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10 hours ago, Rob Zylowski1709158051 said:

If you are not using Citrix Cloud then you can disable the windows and office rearms we don't need them with app layering



If you are using Citrix Cloud you cant but it is just an annoyance it wont stop the image from being published.


For this disable Rearm that I can do it at Master Image (created from ELM) or citrix controller Server?

In case if I'm preparing OS  before import OS layer that I do not need to set KMS version, right?  

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