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XenApp Blank Icons on Desktop and in File Explorer / Nothing Displayed in This Computer


Hey everybody..


First of all i will tell you what kind of citrix components we use.


XenApp (Machines are in Azure Cloud) deployed from Applayering via MCS

Citrix Cloud / WEM / Server 2016


Agent Versions: 

Citrix App Layering Agent: 20.100.2

VDA Agent: 1912 LTSR

WEM Agent: 1912

Workspace App on XenApp 1909


Our Problem is that sometimes when we start a desktop session it looks like that.




if i log off the session and start a new one maybe everything is ok. if i am unlucky, same issue.


when i restart the explorer task, sometimes it looks like that.




now, you are not able to do anything.


if i navigate to desktop or to a Network Share directly, it works.....but no icons of the Programs are shown.




also in eventlog you can not find anything. 


does someone has an idea what we can do? 


we try differents things like renew user profile, try to install different versions of WEM Agent, create new image with app layering.


thanks and best regards







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Hi Matthias,


same issue here. The problem arises occassionally and all users of the server are affected. After rebooting the server there are no problems anymore.


We use the following components:

VDA Agent: 1909

Citrix Profile Management 1909

MCS with VMware ESXi 6.7 hosts


I suppose that it's a ressource problem or something else, not issues with the user profile, I users log on to another server ererything is fine.




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We are using Citrix WEM + UPM and our Citrix users profiles are redirected to a file server.


We found that if we delete the following files : "iconecache_xxx.db" located in "\\[FILE_SERVER]\[CitrixUser]\UPM_Profile\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Explorer" and then we connect trhought RDP and/or Citrix it works, the icons shown well in the desktop and in the file explorer. The "This PC" menu load well.


So our solution was to exclude the files "iconecache_xxx.db"


If it is still not working so you can try to exclude this folder : AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Explorer





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