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VMs console resolution increase not possible on 8.0 / 8.1?

Kiko Persona


Hi all,


Recently I have performed a fresh installation of Hypervisor 8.1 and created a fresh new W10 VM. When I access it via XenCenter console, resolution is fixed to 1024x768 and I am not able to modify this. I need to increase this resoltion because I access this machine via TeamViewer (and other apps similar to TV), wich is fixed to a 1024x768 resolution too.


I have read that with previous versions of XenServer (I think till 7.5 included) it is possible to use these commands to solve this:


xe vm-param-set uuid=<UUID> platform:vga=std

xe vm-param-set uuid=<UUID> platform:videoram=16


what forces to use a vga standard driver in place of original cirrus driver.


I have tried this with Hypervisor 8.1 and VM is not able to start. In 8.1 there is not a cirrus driver, ther is a MS basic display adapter.


Is another method for this version or should I downgrade to 7.5?


Many thanks!





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Found the solution, go to page 14, you will need to reboot a few times:




Changing the screen resolution

To change the screen resolution of the XenCenter console on a UEFI-enabled VM:

1. Open the Windows Settings

2. Click the Update & Security button

3. Under the recovery tab, press the Restart now button.

4. Navigate to Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > UEFI firmware settings.

5. Press Restart. During restart, the UEFI settings menu loads.

6. Navigate to Device Manager > OVMF Platform Configuration. This displays the current screen resolution.

7. Press Enter to see the screen resolution options.

8. Use the arrow keys to select the desired screen resolution and press Enter.

9. Press F10 to save the changes and confirm your choice.

10. Reboot the VM to see the XenCenter console in an updated screen resolution.


NOTE: Worked on version 8.2.

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