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Problem with Auto Creation of Outlook 2016 Profiles in 7.15

Mike Winspear


Hi, I have hit a wall now on this particular issue, hoping for some help.


We have

Citrix 7.15 CU3

App Servers are Win 2012R2 and 2016

We Use Ivanti EM 2018.3 and Application Control


We DONT use Citrix Profile Manager

And we dont store Profiles on logoff from applications


A Large part of our farm is dedicated to 3 flavours of Microsoft Dynamics AX applications, this all have the function to email reports etc from the GUI which would email via Outlook (Installed on all App Servers)


I'm migrating this app from the old 6.5 Farm to the 7.15 Farm, but.... Outlook is being a B***h, in that I can not no matter what get the Outlook Profile created prior to application launch and so everytime the user wants to send an email from within the app, they are forced through the Outlook Wizard to create the profile, which is fine'ish until they logout of the application which of course clears their profile and next time they login they have to go through the process again.


So Far..... I have used ZeroConfigExchange Registry Entry to force an Outlook Profile creation using the Logged on username, This works fine IF the application being started is Outlook, but not if the application being started is the Dynamics application (on the same server as Outlook), I have added the Reg Key for ZCE through an EM rule under Logon - Pre-Desktop - with a Condition of Standard User.


I have tried using the Ivanti EM Native Action of Create Outlook Profile (this doesnt do anything at all)


It appears that In order for the ZCE option to work, Outlook needs to be started, I'm guessing that the action of Outlook Starting creates necessary Reg Entries and Appdata files that then allow ZCE to create the profile.


I could look at doing something very convoluted like Starting Outlook as part of a script file that also loads this MS Dynamics application, this would ensure that the Outlook Profile is configured and loaded prior to application launch, but I don't believe this is the best way to get this done.


I need the user to be able to load the published application "MS Dynamics AX" which loads the module they use and just be able to email the report from within this application via Outlook.


This would be far easier IF Microsoft hadn't removed the use of PRF files in Outlook 2016....

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