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Unable to use Citrix Desktop on dual/double monitors on Mac High Sierra 10.13.6 with Citrix Receiver 19.9.1

Emily Harper


A colleague of mine has a Mac on OS 10.13.6 and needs to work from home over dual monitors using his Mac. He was originally attempting to connect via Citrix Workspace, installed by our IT. However, I read this below thread that suggested it was better to use Receiver 12.9.1. The citrix desktop opens just fine and works well, we just cannot work out how to get it to display over both of his monitors instead of just one.


We uninstalled Workspace 19 and installed Receiver 12.9.1 but no change. We also tried the mission control "Displays have separate spaces" both checked and unchecked, but no change.


On Windows I am able to drag the citrix desktop between the screens and then maximise, it then maximises over both. On Mac when we drag the window between the two monitors, half of it disappears. This is the same for any apps on the Mac. Once it crosses the screen boundary, it will only appear on one or the other, but never both. Nothing can be maximised or stretched over both screens. 


I am not a Mac user myself so I am feeling quite out of my depth, I am one of the business analysts working in the office just trying to help my colleague get his work from home setup working. He is an operator so one screen is not functional and we need to get both screens working. On Windows there is an option in the receiver to allow it to go over all screens, but I can't find anything like that for the Mac.


Thanks in advance if you have any suggestions!

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I'm not sure why anyone suggested to use the Citrix Receiver for Mac 12.9.1, it is 2 years old and is not being maintained anymore. I would just use the latest Citrix Workspace App.


If your colleague only has the two monitors and it is OK to span the Citrix Workspace App across those two, just pressing the maximise button (green one on the top left) or by clicking View in the menu bar above the Citrix Workspace App, then clicking Use All Displays In Full Screen, should do the trick.

The Displays have separate spaces is only needed when you want to span the Citrix Workspace App across specific monitors, not just all.





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