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GSLB MEP status DOWN on ADC active-active cluster

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We implement 2 sites GSLB active-active type on ADC active-active cluster.

We created nodegroup gslb with node 0 s only member and bind gslb site to this node group.

the problem is MEP status DOWN. We are using secure rpc and from nstrace we can see MEP on port 3009 (secure) but respons traffic from firewall sent to node 1 instead of node 0

will this causing MEP status DOWN?


other that that we also observe that MEP using SSLv3 and server send RST,ACK after client hello.

we never see server hello packets.

how do we forced MEP to use TLS1.2 instead of SSLv3?


any help appreciated.


we also tried resetting rpc password but no luck. below is nstrace result in node0 




this one is nstrace on node1






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