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Citrix Scout keeps saying Enable PS Remoting

Jacob Dixon1709152413


Citrix Scout in XD 1912 seems to collect from the delivery controllers just fine but it can't collect from any of our VDA's. Our VDA's are on separate VLAN's but the access lists on the switches are off, windows firewall is off, and the tool just keeps saying enable psremoting (which we did and ran winrm qc).


Is there a way to collect the local logs or make this work? Or at least a way to get a more descriptive error message?

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I was having similar issues at a clients
- rather than disable windows firewall I temporarily "added" a rule to allow the VDA to accept connections from the Delivery Controller, this removed the "Scout cannot reach this machine.
- then I did "enable-psremoting" on my VDA & Other Servers (but please check ports are open between your devices as (physical, windows FW and any other IDFW etc))


Not fully drilled down into which ports I need to tie scout to though

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