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WEM Cache / Citrix Cloud

Campbell Kay


Hi Guys,


have been making a bunch of changes to my WEM configuration, which i would think would get apply with-in 30min or the cache refresh time.


i waited for my MCS catalog to reboot and reconnect to WEM, this still didn't download the new settings. in the end i had to 


Stop WEM Service

Delete Cache

Start WEM Service

Wait for the cache to download.

restart WEM Service,

then at this point the new settings finally applied, this seems odd.


i also notice in my WEM cloud under agents, none of the machines say recently connected. 


although if i delete HLLM\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Norskale\Agent Host\





restart my WEM Agent it does say recently connected and just populates these keys with what it had before.


something seems off with the way this works, is this normal for WEM?


in my Agent options i have 

Enable Offlinemode - ticked

Use Cache even when online - ticked

User Cache to accelerate actions processing - ticked.


which i think should be fine. 

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I am not sure if you should be using both use cache even when online and use cache to accelerate actions. I think it would be worth testing just the use cache to accelerate actions option.


If you end up with continued issues with cache sync, i would suggest logging a ticket - occasionally the cache needs a reset, but that should not be the norm. I had to delete the cache on each reboot for a project recently, but that was due to another issue which should be fixed in the latest release

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interesting, will test that out.


i am running 2001, although i see there is another version out now.


i have updated the DB in the MCS image, so atleast it should have the updated settings for now, will do a bit more testing before i check with support.


thanks again

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I had same issue, sync state never went green. Always using the startup script to refresh the cache, no difference.


I had to set these settings (so NOT using the Cache / Accelerate Actions - my Agentversion is 1912) after a reboot (and since that every day) the sync is green and all my changes in wem actions etc apply without problems






Best Regards


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