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Existing Delivery Group

Jim McKelvie1709159887


I have an existing delivery group with all my apps and permissions created. The VDA's within this group are 2008R2. I want to replace these with Windows Server 2016 VDA's.

So... I remove the 2008R2 VDA's and add the 2016 ones. Attempt to launch an app and it fails, I 've checked the application program paths within the app and they're the same.

At a loss, anyone had a similar experience and if so did you resolve?



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Thanks all, the way I'm doing it is with a new delivery group containing the 2016 servers, and then modifying the existing application to point it at the new delivery group and remove the old one, then rebooting the VDA's, all working fine now :-)


asnp citrix*
#Adds new Delivery Group to the existing Application
Add-BrokerApplication -Name "Installed Applications\3rd Party\WLBC\Intranet\Intranet WLBC" -DesktopGroup "Applications - WLBC Apps 2016"
#Removes old Delivery Group from the existing Application
Remove-BrokerApplication -Name "Installed Applications\3rd Party\WLBC\Intranet\Intranet WLBC" -DesktopGroup "Applications - WLBC Apps"

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