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Workspace app 1911 and Primavera P6 issues. Windows 10/Office 2016. Primavera closes session

Scott Kasayulie


I have a user that is having issues with Primavera closing the Citrix session unexpectedly, mainly whenever the laptop is undocked from a Dell docking station. Our laptops are set to switch to the wireless radio and connect to our wireless AP's automatically whenever the laptop is undocked. Then it is automatically switched vice-versa whenever the laptop is docked. I had migrated the user from an E7450 to the E7470 model and performance is better.


But out of the blue, while the laptop was docked today, the user noticed that Primavera had closed on its own, the user had been working on something off the laptop when she noticed it. Any recommendations/suggestions? Info below on what version is installed as well as our Enterprise OS details. Any suggestions appreciated. 


Latest workspace app version (1911)

Windows 10 version 1709 (OS Build 16299.1686)

Chrome version 80.0.3987.122

Dell E7470

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What was the session state as viewed in Director or on the server moments after the Disconnect? If no session is found, the following explanations are possible

1. The application crashed and since P6 closed, the session was terminated.

2. The session was idle long enough that it was terminated by Policy.

3. The server hosting session may have rebooted or someone administratively terminated the session.


If you were to find a Disconnected session lingering on the server, that may indicate a network interruption and the user didn't see the related messages that would have popped up on the client.  


Start with examining logs on the application server to try and determine why the session was terminated.



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