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NetScaler VPN Wireless to LAN Cable

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This is a new implementation of the VPN feature of NetScaler Gateway.


We are finding it is working fine except for one scenario. This is where, once connected and the tunnel is up over wireless over a broadband connection - if a user was to plug in the Ethernet cable and therefore be on the corporate LAN, the Tunnel still thinks it's connected, and nothing works.


I know this is a strange scenario and users should log off of the plug-in before doing this, but we are trying to cater for silly behaviours. We have a lot of users and some of them are bound to do it.


On Cisco AnyConnect, it will automatically disconnect the VPN when the LAN cable is plugged in.


I can't see any settings on the NetScaler or the Plug-In to cater for this.


Note we are not using a VPN pool of addresses, just all users sharing the SNIP into the Infrastructure, also Split tunnelling is set to OFF.



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