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Is there a default vServer for spillover?

Ross Helfand

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I'm trying to understand spillover as we have it configured in our ADC.  We have a CS vserver, and a whole bunch of CS policies that redirect requests to a bunch of different LB vservers, based on certain criteria.  We also configured an LB vserver called "always_503" and bind it as the default vServer to our CS vserver.


The LB vservers have "soThreshold" set with some number, and "soBackupAction DROP."  There is no "backupVserver" set.


It certainly looks like the backupVserver in this case is the always_503 LB vserver.  I'm jut trying to wrap my head around this behavior.  Any help or clarification would be greatly appreciated!



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Ok, so the answer is that the requests are getting dropped as per "soBackupAction DROP," just like it's supposed to, and the DROP is sending a 503 response.


I was confused because the "always_503" LB vserver that is our default does get traffic sometimes.  It turns out that it's just not related to spillover on our other LB Vservers.

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