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Modified print settings deleted by WEM

Jeroen van der Linden




We connect our printer(s) through WEM. When a user modifies the document defaults we expect the settings to be saved and be the new defaults for that user (e.g. changing colour to b/w, or duplex to simplex). However, on every WEM refresh and every logon the usermodifications are gone.

We can see registry keys made in HKCU\Printers\Connection\<printer>, where a DevMode key is created on changing the defaults. The value of this key is echoed in the printerqueue key in HKCU\Printers\DevModes2. On logging off those settings remain (confirmed by checking the mounted user registry). But when WEM refreshes those entries are deleted.


Is this a bug in WEM? If it is expected behaviour, how can we work around it? I'm not a big fan of importing a 66 kB binary registry value on every WEM refresh to compensate for the deletion.


We use WEM 1912 on Server 2016. Profiles are managed with FSLogix.


Kind regards,

Jeroen van der Linden.

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