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Netscaler Gateway Azure MFA

Som Som

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We are looking to use Azure MFA for authentication on our gateway (ICA only).




Azure AD and Azure MFA
If your organization is synchronizing Passwords Hash into Azure AD, Azure MFA can be leveraged via Conditional Access policies to challenge users for a second factor authentication.
This method does not require any additional installations on-premises.
If users are not registered for MFA, they are guided through the process on the next sign-in. It ensures less calls to the help desk and a better process for users.
Users get a visual notification that MFA is required and coming. Users can change the gateway option during a gated process in the UI.


This is the scenario we would like to cover off, however I see no documentation that covers this method.


Has anyone configured it or can point me in the direction of documentation?


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Closest I've found so far is https://www.ferroquesystems.com/resource/howto-azure-mfa-saml-and-citrix-gateway-with-sso-without-fas/ which requires Citrix ADC Advanced or Premium for nFactor.


EDIT: Just found this... have yet to test if this fits the requirement of MFA. https://www.citrix.com/content/dam/citrix/en_us/documents/products-solutions/integrating-netscaler-with-microsoft-azure-active-directory.pdf

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