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Why are some persistent sessions disconnected after failover HA pair

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Hi there,


I'm confused about an issue during a HA failover. Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you for your time.


I have a SSL Vserver configured with cookie based persistence (EPIC Hyperspaceweb).

During a failover some of these connections experience a disconnect (about 10%-50%) on the client side. Logging shows messages like: "The ECF connection between the web server and the database environment was broken. NETWORK_ERR encountered for synchronous XMLHttpRequest and the retry timeout has been exceeded."


These disconnects happen on various webservers which are all configured the same way (there are 36 webservers in total with this Vserver).


Why do some persistent sessions get disconnected and others don't? Is there a misconfiguration on my Netscaler?


I have included the Vserver en Servicegroup configuration:


sh vserver hyperspaceweb
        hyperspaceweb (x.x.x.x:443) - SSL     Type: ADDRESS 
        State: UP
        Last state change was at Thu Feb 20 08:05:23 2020
        Time since last state change: 11 days, 02:25:45.950
        Effective State: UP
        Client Idle Timeout: 180 sec
        Down state flush: ENABLED
        Disable Primary Vserver On Down : DISABLED
        Appflow logging: ENABLED
        No. of Bound Services :  32 (Total)      32 (Active)
        Configured Method: ROUNDROBIN   BackupMethod: LEASTCONNECTION
        Mode: IP
        Persistence: COOKIEINSERT (version 0)   Persistence Timeout: 0 min
        Vserver IP and Port insertion: OFF 
        Push: DISABLED  Push VServer: 
        Push Multi Clients: NO
        Push Label Rule: none
        L2Conn: OFF
        Skip Persistency: None
        Listen Policy: NONE
        IcmpResponse: PASSIVE
        RHIstate: PASSIVE
        New Service Startup Request Rate: 0 PER_SECOND, Increment Interval: 0
        Mac mode Retain Vlan: DISABLED
        Process Local: DISABLED
        Traffic Domain: 0
        TROFS Persistence honored: ENABLED
        Retain Connections on Cluster: NO
sh servicegroup hyperspaceweb
        sg_hsw-dr_http - HTTP
        State: ENABLED  Effective State: UP     Monitor Threshold : 0
        Max Conn: 0     Max Req: 0      Max Bandwidth: 0 kbits
        Use Source IP: NO
        Client Keepalive(CKA): NO
        TCP Buffering(TCPB): NO
        HTTP Compression(CMP): YES
        Idle timeout: Client: 180 sec   Server: 360 sec
        Client IP: DISABLED 
        Cacheable: NO
        SC: OFF
        SP: OFF
        Down state flush: DISABLED
        Monitor Connection Close : NONE
        Appflow logging: ENABLED
        ContentInspection profile name: ???
        Process Local: DISABLED
        Traffic Domain: 0


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