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VDA 1912: Windows Media Redirection not working

Kristof Felsö


Hi guys,


i have some issues getting Windows Media Redirection working.

In a XenApp Session with VDA 1912 on Windows Server 2016, the target is to get Videos taken by Apple iPhones played back smoothly. As they are in .mov Format and H.264 encoded, i thought it should be no problem to play them back by using Windows Media Redirection.

But it seems that the redirection to the client is not working. The .mov Files are accessible on a network drive, that is also in the same way accessible from the client (in case, the client needs to have access these files from itself). Playing back the video (with Windows Media Player) is far away from being smooth and the CPU load is nearly 100%.


Might there be anything that prevents the Windows Media Redirection from working as expected? The Browser Content Redirection works fine, as expected. Or am i completely wrong in the expectation, that playing a .mov / H.264 File should work with Windows Media Redirection?


Many thanks for your ideas.



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Hi Kristof,


What version of Windows Media Player are you using on the server? The server needs to be able to play the .mov file, which would usually be played with QuickTime. So it will need to have the required codecs installed.


Since you mention that the client device can access the files, perhaps the Windows Media Client Side Content Fetching could be of use:


You will need to make sure that the client device is capable enough to play the files though, and will also need have the required codecs installed.





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