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Prefill Username in AAA Gateway (nfactor)

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Hi all


We're using a new deployed ADC 13.0 with an AAA Gateway configured with nfactor Authentication flows.


I'm aware, that connections through a netscaler (>11.1) do not offer the options to save the credentials (https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX219455). But is there a way to prefill just the username from previous successfull logins? Did someone already implemented this kind of functionality through rewrite policies?


Best regards





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What you can do is to prefill the username from a previous used factor for example group extraction, just edit a login schema xml with the following value:




Attached an example 

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Julian, is there any way in an Expression to create a Logical IF THEN check for if ${AAA.USER.NAME} is Equal to "Anonymous" to not display this value as the InitialValue?  I was trying to re-use a Schema (.XML) but have it as a way to kick the user back to the form if they need to try again, yet the initial load is showing "Anonymous" and their cursor is automatically in the next Input Field if set this way.

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