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Licensing (migrating from CAG)

Filip Fronczak

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I am doing a migration from CAG to Citrix ADC Gateway (VPX). I have successfully imported the NSVPX-XEN-12.1-55.18_nc_64.xva to the XenServer and done the initial configuration.


On MyCitrix the client has the following licenses:

  • Citrix Gateway Advanced VPX (1)
  • Citrix Access Gateway Advanced VPX with Subscription Advantage (1)
  • Citrix Access Gateway Universal License - Per User/Device (200)

I have triad to allocate all of them but the NS VPX still works in the Freemium mode.


Are we missing the correct license? 

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33 minutes ago, Julian Jakob said:

The first one is the correct one for ICA only mode. As far as I remember the gateway advanced vpx is assigned to the Hostname of you vpx VM, not to the MAC address. Did you tried that already?


I will try, but the VPX tells:


To manually Download licenses from Citrix licensing portal please visit http://www.mycitrix.com and use the Host ID: eae55212489c


Which is the MAC address.

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