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Possible Communication issue with Storefront server for ICA proxy

Christopher Yue

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ADC 13.0 for ICA proxy only

CVA 1909

Publishing Server 2019 Desktops



Orginally the ADC was on the LAN with some port forward rules on the firewall.

This has now been movied into the DMZ, IP address changed (NSIP, Virtual Servers, Subnet IP, routes updates) and the following Firewall rule set

Internet > DMZ ports 80 443 8008

DMZ <> Server vLAN All PORTS

LAN endpoints <> DMZ ports 80 443 1494 2598 8008



Users can get to the NS login page, sign in and see all the available resources.

When attempting to launch VDA resource the following occurs.

Rich client users get an intermittment error as per https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX233143

HTML 5 users always get a "connection Interrupted" (see attached)


Can anyone advise where I may have possibly gone run?




HTML 5 issue.png

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Thanks for the response guys, here is an update with the help of Citrix support.


HTML5 Client

Clearing out the browser cache followed by a restart seems to have resolved this issue. I guess there must have been some cached entries referring to the old location.


WSA Client

UDP connections were always successul but not TCP ones. This will explain the intermittency.

At the suggestion of Suppport I removed all URL entries on the Netscaler and Storefront and used IP addresses instead. Even ensuring the STA order matched


Just testing the latter for the next few days to see if this helps.

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