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One DDC in Farm - Incompatible License Server

Bertug Demir1709155795


Hello everyone,


I have recently upgraded my test farm from 7.15 CU4 to 1912 LTSR. After the upgrade of the first DDC server in the farm, during the database upgrade, it said that the controller couldn't contact the license server as it has an old version installed. When I mount the 1912 LTSR ISO on the License Server and try to install the Licensing module that comes with the product, it is greyed out and says it's already installed. I decided to proceed with the database upgrade and one task fiddling with the license related tables in database failed to complete successfully.


Everything is fine except for the license retrieval. That one controller won't stop refusing to connect to the license server because of compatibility issues. I even went so far as to remove the server from the domain and re-join in order to reset the SID and added it into the farm again. No bueno, it still says "The version of the license server running on 'licenseservername' is older than the version of the Citrix Broker Service, and is therefore incompatible."


The other controller in the farm is all okay and can successfully make transactions with the license server. Both controllers are 1912 and the license server is build 29000. I uninstalled and re-installed license server from scratch, still nothing.


Is this some sort of bug? I believe the installation failed to update some data in certain configuration files and it keeps reporting an outdated version.

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