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Rewrite Policy for Content Switching Netscaler v13

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Hey all I am having trouble creating a rewrite policy for http to https. 


I need to configure Content Switching for 3 apps that point back to a single server. I have created the individual apps with the None addressable address

My sites work when I manually typing in https:// but does not work with http. So I need to create a redirect for when http is used it automatically changes to https for the website.


I'm not sure if my Actions/Policy is created correctly for Responder or where I should begin for this..

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You need an lb vserver on http:<VIP>:80, you can then use the backup method "redirect url" under protection methods. When this is DOWN it will redirect to https://<vip> which will get it to your cs vserver on SSL:VIP:443.

Or you need the lb vserver on http:<VIP>:80 in an UP state (usually with a dummy service, set to no health monitoring, so it is always up) and then use your responder policy to redirect http requests on this vserver to https://<fqdn>.  Here's one example:  https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX120664


Your SSL cs vserver on VIP:SSL:443 is only listenting on HTTPS:443, so you need an HTTP:80 entity to receiver port 80 traffic to redirect to https.


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