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XenServer 7.2 SR - Unable to connect to NFS SR

Jonathan Poynter1709161771



I am having issues with connecting an NFS share (Running via WinNFSd On a Windows 10 host) to a standalone XenServer 7.2.


Here is what I have tried so far:

I can connect to the share on another windows machine.

I can see the share from the Xen machine by scanning the NFS server for mounts.

I can add the NFS share to Xen Manually by using the mount command. However it does not show up as a usable SR


As far as I can see its running NFS v3 and when I connect to the mount via windows 10 i have full permissions to read, write and modify. 


Any ideas on what to try here?


I can post screenshots if needed. 


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