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URL with password request - strange behaviour, ONLY pupl. apps

Frank Schifferstein


Hi guys, "hope" you came across this stange behaviour and can help me out :) 




Client only runs pub apps, no desktop 

In this case, Google Chrome is published, adding the target URL as partameter. 

The website opens, asking for user/pass (normal behaviour, all fine so far) -> entering the credentials -> the user gets authenticated to the "forfront" page  mostly (not always) and a only grey page is displayed (this I do call this firstz logon page some "prelogin page").

The target websites's form/content (GUI, nativation, what I do call "target page contens) gets displayed  in geay coor only, showing nothing. 


Users use chrome, not IE


Isis reported that sometimes is works after the 3rd attempt. Obviously (:/)  not the same users are affected all day, it's rotating without an "sense"


Some workaround:


If publishing the Chrome only and pasting the target URL into the opened Chrome (entering the credentials, user gets authenticated -> (menues/gui and application's stuff) are dispalyed properly. 

But this is what users dont want to do.



Is there a way to let Chrome wait for e.g. 2 secs if this is some timing issue ?


Q2: What is the technical difference of launching the Chrome with the URL as a parameter and launching/pasting the URL manually ?

Just remind, the user gets autheticated properly always, thkis is not the issue.

Sometimes it works, someties not


ANY hint is highly appreciated 


cheers, Frank



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I haven't experienced the problem with Chrome but I do have some apps that need a short delay.  In those cases we publish a batch file that has a brief pause before starting the app. 


However, based on your description, the built-in DOS commands may not be capable of inserting the delay where needed (between Chrome starting up and inserting the URL).  But, you could do this with AutoIT.  I have a couple apps that need this.

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