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Netscaler ADC Load Balancing

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I'm looking to configure a very basic load balancer within my Citrix ADC VPX. I require it to load balance between 2 internal webservers but I only require the initial request to be load balanced after this I'd like the client to talk directly with the web server. I'm sure there must be really simple way to do it but at the moment I'm just getting lost in much more complex configurations than i require. Can someone point me towards the documentation or description of how to configure something like this ? 



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I had read a bit about DSR however I thought this only allowed the Server to respond directly to the client ? or have i misunderstood how it works. 


What i would like to achieve is for traffic that hits the load balancer to be load balanced to a server and then once that server is selected for the communication to then be direct between the client and the server without the load balancer at all. Does DSR achieve this ? 

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