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App-V and App Layering

Mike Kelly1709153237




We currently have enabled App-V in a separate app layer and use an application called "App-V scheduler" to deploy the app-v packages to the PVS Disk after it boots which is also installed in the App-V app layer.  No app-v packages are included in the app layer.  My question is when we do windows updates in the OS layer as that is how App-V is updated... do I need to version the App-V app layer with the new OS layer to get those updates or will it just get applied when the PVS disk is deployed using the new OS layer with the windows updates?

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10 minutes ago, Brandon Mitchell said:

I don’t believe the App-V client is a feature or a role.  The bits are part of Windows if it’s enabled or not and should be updated if you’re using it or not.  You’re just turning it on in a Layer.  So you should be okay just updating your OS Layer and keeping the App-V client enabled in its own App Layer

Thanks I believe I just confirmed it as I can see the AppvClient.exe modified date is much newer than when we first deployed it so it's clear the OS layer is applying the updates to it when the PVS disk is deployed.  


Thanks all.

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